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High dose vitamin D in HIV is safe, effective, and may improve certain immune system markers

In an important new study, researchers have found that vitamin D supplementation is a safe adjunctive therapy in patients with HIV.

As mentioned in a recent blog, randomized controlled trials (RCT) in vitamin D research are able to determine, with a reasonable amount of certainty, if vitamin D has an effect on a particular health condition.

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  About: Jeff Nicklas

Jeff Nicklas was a staff member for the Vitamin D Council from October 2013 to January 2015. He is now pursuing his passion for public health through graduate studies.

2 Responses to High dose vitamin D in HIV is safe, effective, and may improve certain immune system markers

  1. D-fiant says:

    Thanks Jeff for your report. This one is an important step!

    Would it hurt for a researcher to ask the Vitamin D Council for advice on what is a “High daily dose” and further seek advice on what might be an appropriate target blood level?

    Lets hope other researchers can see that 7,000 iu / day did very little in raising blood levels. Maybe we can have 10,000 or 20,000 next time and also throw in a sizable amount of co-factors and while we are at it – lets get a bid of sun between “10 and 2 when your shadow is shorter than you.”

    Dare we dream of 40,000 (adult) as a ‘Loading Dose’ to get the patients blood levels up much quicker so the vitamin D can start working earlier?

    I don’t understand the drugs that these patients are on, but I have read that some chemo drugs can deplete vitamin D and more aggressive resupplying is needed just to maintain pre-chemo levels.

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  2. Rita and Misty says:

    Greetings Defiant!

    Brant Cebulla wrote a very nice piece back in January of this year on chemo possibly depleting vitamin D blood levels:


    And here is the journal article his blog was based upon:


    There is evidence that vitamin D might amplify the effects of chemo. Check of Henry Lahore’s VitaminDWiki:


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