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Beneficial role of vitamin D supplements for hypertensive patients

Posted on: February 11, 2012   by  John Cannell, MD


Sometimes important papers slip by me. When I started the Vitamin D Council almost 10 years ago, it used to be that I could read abstracts of all the vitamin D papers, everyone one of them, and obtain and read full copies of the important papers. Now I am lucky to read abstracts of all the important ones. I am not complaining; this is the inevitable progress as measured by the enormous number of vitamin D papers flooding the literature.

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2 Responses to Beneficial role of vitamin D supplements for hypertensive patients

  1. Nandyal

    Loved hearing about this from the subcontinent.
    I didn’t see any attempt to actually measure the Vit D levels themselves (?cost prohibitive) or to see if the groups were equally deficient. It was actually difficult to find oral Vit D supplements in India on my last trip. It was easier to get my hands on a 600K injectable dose for IM use than oral. Perhaps that’s the other reason for their choice of 33K biweekly regimen. It wasn’t stated as such but it may have been given q 2 wks IM.
    All their pts seemed only mildly hypertensive, they reduced the SBP from upper 140s in each group to lower 140s in the treatment arm. Significant but, like you said, what might a better dose have done?

  2. [email protected]

    My blood pressure was 140 over 80 range two years ago . I started taking D3 10,000 iu a day 5000 in the morning 5000 in the evening and walking 20 min a day for 6 months then increased to 30 min , 45 min walks . Now I walk 1 hour a day and take 5000 iu D3 a day and feel great . My blood pressure has been in the 105 / over 60 range with a pulse of 62 the last few months in the morning.

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