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Association between vitamin D blood levels and inflammation after heart attack

Posted on: March 1, 2012   by  John Cannell, MD


Ever wonder what happens to your heart after you have a heart attack, assuming you survive? Your heart starts fixing itself, or remodeling, a sign of permanent cardiac injury. Your heart will never be the same. Heart remodeling implies the heart attack caused detrimental changes in the size, function, or shape of the heart because the heart attack killed part of the pump and thus the pump has to be rebuilt (remodeled). The more remodeling, the more damage the heart attack inflicted.

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1 Response to Association between vitamin D blood levels and inflammation after heart attack

  1. [email protected]

    I think another major factor is low vit C, a low grade scurvey. This results in weakness and fissures in high stress areas of vessels, exposing the weak collagen- lysine and proline attracting lipoprotein(a) to fill in the cracks. This was demonstrated in Guinea Pigs, who also do not make their own vit C, in the 80s I think. Pauling did some work in this area. This all makes sense to me- an engineer that has analyzed piping stresses. I assume the heart needs vit C also. This is told in a book Practicing Medicine without a license, at vitamincfoundation.org.
    One needs vit C more frequent, with a half life of 4 hr. Mg Ascorbate is better, being buffered.

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