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Animal study: Vitamin D and metformin have a combined effect against colorectal cancer

Posted on: December 10, 2014   by  Will Hunter


New research in rats found that vitamin D and metformin interact together for a strong, chemopreventive effect against colorectal cancer. 

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1 Response to Animal study: Vitamin D and metformin have a combined effect against colorectal cancer

  1. D-fiant

    This story got me really excited.
    I have been looking at Metformin for the last few weeks and discussing it with a diabetic friend, who also takes it.
    I first got to hear about it from a “Life Extension” article. It reported that generally speaking – otherwise healthy diabetics on metformin were outliving non-diabetics.
    Then I became aware of the anticancer side of metformin, whereas it is not a cure it helps in some cases to tone down the aggressiveness.
    I spoke to a professor last week about non-diabetics taking metformin as i was concerned that it could cause negative effects – his field was prostate cancer and he said that non-diabetic men with prostate cancer are taking the drug. He was quick to say that it is not a cure, I said yes, but if you die of something else, than that is a good thing. He nodded.

    If you have a cancer, do a search, type in your type of cancer and metformin.

    Vitamin D and metformin are turning out to be my favorite subjects.

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