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The Vitamin D Council Our Mission

About Us

The Vitamin D Council is a group of concerned citizens and scientists who believe many humans are needlessly suffering and dying from Vitamin D Deficiency. We have been incorporated as a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(e) educational corporation in the State of California since 2003.

Board of Directors

Geoffrey Lubbock
Tatiana Cannell, MD
Board Member
Bruce Hollis, PhD
Board Member
William Grant, PhD
Board Member
Bruce Hahn
Board Member
Roy Casto

Executive Director

John Cannell, MD

Our Mission

Our goal is to educate the public and professionals about Vitamin D Deficiency and its numerous associated diseases. Our free Vitamin D Newsletter has a circulation of over 40,000 and growing. We maintain a website with over 5,000 unique visitors per day. The Vitamin D Council would like to sponsor a series of educational conferences aimed at the general public, physicians, and the press to alert them about the extent and consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency and the simple steps that can be taken to avoid it.


While we are in the process of applying for grants from charitable foundations, we depend on charitable donations from individuals to keep active in our mission. Donations would be appreciated and would allow us a more active and effective role in raising global awareness of the importance of vitamin D in human health.

If you would like to send a contribution, please use the address below or the PayPal donate button on the sidebar. Tax-deductible contributions should be made payable to the Vitamin D Council. Thank you for your support.

  • The Vitamin D Council
  • 1241 Johnson Ave. #134
  • San Luis Obispo, California, United States
  • 93401

Contact Us

Important Notice: Due to the large volume of emails received and the time-intensive, complete website overhaul we have currently underway, the Vitamin D Council regrets that it is not possible for us to respond to every email (though we certainly will make an effort). If it takes a while to receive a response, or if you do not receive one at all, this is why and we do apologize.

The Vitamin D Council is not able to respond to requests for medical advice.

Please email us at [email protected].

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our site are welcome. Please send to: [email protected].

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