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Our work is made possible by membership fees, donations from individuals, and from the support of our generous sponsors below. About 80% of our revenue comes from memberships and donations, while 20% comes from our sponsors.

Please look through our sponsors, learn more about them and what they do. We appreciate their support!


Bio-Tech Pharmacal is a leading supplement manufacturer in the United States.
Along with their support of the Vitamin D Council, Bio-Tech Pharmacal has worked with over 40
universities worldwide to supply vitamin D and other supplements for their clinical trials.
Focusing on manufacturing high quality and accurate supplements with minimal fillers,
they are true vitamin D specialists.


Sperti is an American company that manufactures specialty UV sunlamps. They make a vitamin D lamp that has been tested and approved by the FDA to make vitamin D, the only lamp to have such approval.

Eidopro Protein Powder
EidoPro’s Pure Unflavored Whey Isolate + 2000 IU Vitamin D formula combines high quality, non-GMO pure whey protein isolate with 2000 IU vitamin D per serving. The protein powder is all natural, pure whey isolate with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners
NASA space scientist Shahid Aslam and advertising guru Karin Edgett conceived the original UVA+B SunFriend® in 2011 as a tool to help combat the epidemic incidences of skin cancer, while helping those obtain healthy vitamin D levels. The idea, at first, may appear contradicting, but in reality, it’s genius! The wearable sun monitor helps individuals optimize their time in the sun to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks of sun exposure.
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Scotmann is a privately owned pharmaceutical company with a differentiated portfolio focused on branded medicines in biotech, cardiovascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, respiratory and inflammatory diseases, pain management, osteoporosis, psychiatry and nutritional supplementation. Their company sells high quality vitamin D that is available in Pakistan.

WLS Products is a company in Europe that carry Bio-Tech Pharmacal supplements. If you live in Europe and want Bio-Tech Pharmacal vitamin D supplements, WLS Products is the place to go.


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