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Our Programs

Website and newsletter

We maintain a one of a kind up-to-date website that serves the general public as an e-clinic and source for the latest news and clinical evidence on vitamin D and its link to various diseases and illnesses. In conjunction, we run a blog and send out a newsletter every month with further insights. Attracting thousands of visitors a day, our evidence based website reaches to the masses in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Public service announcements

We run public service announcements over the air and  radio on the importance of being vitamin D sufficient. Please check our YouTube site for videos that we have aired both in urban areas and over the web.

Vitamin D deficiency clinic for children

Here at our office in San Luis Obispo, we treat vitamin D deficiency in children by providing a blood test, supplements (if necessary) and helping and teaching parents how to monitor their children's vitamin D status.

We treat vitamin D deficiency in children with autism spectrum disorders remotely, as well, helping parents monitor their child's 25(OH)D levels.

For more information, contact Brant Cebulla at [email protected].

Program support

The Vitamin D Council is pleased to announce its support for community programs that address vitamin D deficiency in communities within the United States. 

Currently, we have a grant application open to provide community programs with free vitamin D supplements. These supplements are intended to aid in efforts in spreading awareness on vitamin D deficiency. For more information, contact Brant Cebulla at [email protected].

Research funding

Currently, we are funding clinical research at UC San Francisco on vitamin D and its potential link with autism spectrum disorders.

You can find more information on this research and its design at:

Page last edited: 29 May 2012