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Our Programs

Website and newsletter

We maintain a one of a kind up-to-date website that serves the general public as an e-clinic and source for the latest news and clinical evidence on vitamin D and its link to various diseases and illnesses. In conjunction, we run a blog and send out a newsletter every month with further insights. Attracting thousands of visitors a day, our evidence based website reaches to the masses in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Public service announcements

We run public service announcements over the air and  radio on the importance of being vitamin D sufficient. Please check our YouTube site for videos that we have aired both in urban areas and over the web.

Clinic for children with ASD

Here at our office in San Luis Obispo, we treat vitamin D deficiency in children with autism spectrum disorders by administering 25(OH)D tests and prescribing a supplement regimen to help them become vitamin D sufficient. Children with ASD are particularly apt to being deficient in vitamin D.

Complaint and petition to the FDA

We are currently set to file a complaint against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, but first, we are collecting signatures to back our complaint. We argue that through a combination of mandated and encouraged practices, the FDA depends upon milk to deliver virtually all supplemental dietary vitamin D to Americans. The FDA knows African Americans consume little milk, particularly relative to Caucasian Americans, in consequence creating a health inequality problem. Our petition can be found at

Research funding

Currently, we are funding clinical research at UC San Francisco on vitamin D and its potential link with autism spectrum disorders.

Page last edited: 26 August 2011