Vitamin D Newsletter



Vitamin D Council is a non-profit organization working to end the worldwide epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.

Conflicts of interest

The Vitamin D Council is a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to research and education about the dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency. An important aspect of the education of medical professionals and the general public is:

  • the production of public service announcements on local broadcast television channels,
  • the publication and dissemination of a free Vitamin D Newsletter and
  • the publication of summaries of the research into vitamin D and a wide range of health conditions. 

Such endeavors require operating capital on an ongoing basis.

Despite the continual need for infusion of capital, the Vitamin D Council is extremely selective in its choice of sponsors. Our sponsors have no involvement in the creation of website content and have never attempted to edit or influence the writings of Dr. John Cannell in any way. Furthermore, our sponsors understand and agree that such influence will not be acceptable to the Council going forward. The goal of our sponsors coincides with that of the Council: the dissemination of unbiased, authoritative information about Vitamin D Deficiency in an educational forum. To that end, the Council will be pursuing grants funded through programs provided by private and governmental public service organizations in order to broaden the scope and reach of our educational efforts.

The Cannell family receives royalties from Purity Products, one of the Vitamin D Councils’ sponsors, for the sale of 'Dr. Cannell’s Advance Vitamin D Formula'.  To mitigate conflicts, starting May 1, 2011, Dr. Cannell began donating his time to the Vitamin D Council and not receiving a salary.  However, Dr. Cannell reserves the right to ask the Board for remuneration in the future, should it be necessary.

Page last edited: 17 May 2011