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A farewell post: The Vitamin D Council’s expansion to a more direct service approach

Posted on: January 30, 2015   by  Jeff Nicklas


While one-and-a-half years may seem like a short length, my time at the Vitamin D Council has seen more change and growth than I could have imagined. Today was my last day as I have stepped down to pursue graduate studies.

At a recent Vitamin D Council meeting, Dr. John Cannell asked me about the changes I had witnessed in our organization during my time here and where I saw the Council heading in the near future.

To me, the Vitamin D Council has rapidly taken on a more direct approach to improve health through optimizing vitamin D status. This is what I’ve witnessed and what I believe the Council will continue to advance.

When I joined the Vitamin D Council, analyzing and synthesizing high-quality, evidence-based information on vitamin D was our top priority and we performed that role exceptionally. Today, we continue to accomplish this aspect of our core mission but have now added on more ways for the public to become aware of vitamin D and take important steps to improve their health.

In just one-and-a-half years, the Vitamin D Council has launched a Q&A forum, a podcast, and its own in-home vitamin D test kit. Together, these projects allow the public to become aware of relevant research and to interpret their own vitamin D levels in the context of their health.

The most important aspect to improving health is through easy access to relevant information. The Vitamin D Council has gone to great lengths to excel at this. Now, we provide a means for people to find out if they are vitamin D deficient and provide means to then take that information and optimize their levels and improve their health.

In the coming future, the Vitamin D Council hopes to become a hub for all things vitamin D and sunlight. The aim is to continue to provide the highest quality information while building on the foundation of providing more direct ways to improve health.

The vitamin D community today is thriving. The myriad of passionate individuals I’ve met and shared conversations with through my time here reminds me that there is a large and dedicated group of people committed to the cause of ending vitamin D deficiency.

As I say my farewell, I’d like to thank all of you who affirmed the work of the Vitamin D Council and have shown me just how driven this community is and will continue to be.

Others I’d like to thank:

  • Amber Tovey and Will Hunter, my colleagues at the Vitamin D Council. Their intelligence, drive and creative thinking assure me that the Vitamin D Council will continue to on its path to improving spreading knowledge and improving lives.
  • Our board, especially Geoffrey Lubbock, Bill Grant and Sadeq Quraishi who helped introduce me to the vitamin D world and gave me the necessary insight that proved critical to my improvements and development.
  • All of our volunteers, including Rebecca Oshiro, Tom Weishaar, Alex Holz, Rita Umile and more.
  • The talented individuals at Minervation who have continued to help build a solid website through which we are able to disseminate our work.
  • Kristian Ducharme, whose creativity and web development skills allowed for the successful launch of our vitamin D in-home test kits.
  • Other organizations committed to reducing the vitamin D deficiency burden such as Perry Holman of the Vitamin D Society and Carole Baggerly of GrassrootsHealth.
  • Our donors and community members. The work of the Vitamin D Council would not be possible without you.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Dr. John Cannell. Dr. Cannell recognized my passion for public health and non-profits and gave me the opportunity right out of college to obtain critical skills and knowledge which I will undoubtedly need as I continue through graduate school and into my future career.

With that, I’d like to say farewell and thank you again. I may be finishing my work at the Vitamin D Council, but my work in public health and commitment to improving lives is just beginning.

Warm regards,

Jeff Nicklas

1 Response to A farewell post: The Vitamin D Council’s expansion to a more direct service approach

  1. Rita Celone Umile

    Dear Jeff~

    I’m thrilled that you are pursuing graduate studies, yet so very sad that the Vitamin D Council is losing you. It’s been such a pleasure for me to volunteer my time and effort under your guidance and direction. I have only the highest words of praise for you. You are not only a passionate health advocate, but you have exemplary communication skills. I am certain you’ll be successful in whatever path you choose.

    I always wish you the best.
    Your friend,

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