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Professional Athletes Need Vitamin D Too!

Tonis from Greensboro writes:

Dr. Cannell: After reading your previous newsletter, I looked for and found a definite correlation between the average UV  radiation in a state and the number of quality athletes the state produces per million population. Hawaii is way in front and the southern states way ahead of northern states. I've also found a correlation of multiple super bowl appearances/wins with team geographic UV radiation. I've also found a correlation between the per capita number of PGA golfers (with most annual wins) and UV radiation (not published yet). Thought you might find my website of interest: Sunshine and Peak Performance.

Dr. Cannell replies:

Good work. And once again, the first reference in the world's literature that vitamin D will help athletes was published by the Vitamin D Council in our March 2007 newsletter. Can you imagine what will happen in professional sports when athletes realize that vitamin D improves their speed, strength, timing, and quickness?

Page last edited: 08 November 2010