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2014 Vitamin D Council Annual Report

Posted on: February 4, 2015   by  Vitamin D Council


The Vitamin D Council’s annual report is here! The report looks back at 2014 to review what we have accomplished this past year.

The 16 page report includes:

  • Vitamin D Council happenings in 2014
  • Overview of our financials
  • A thank you to our donors and volunteers
  • Metrics on community outreach
  • Important advancements in vitamin D research from 2014
  • Goals for 2015

Click here to download the 2014 Vitamin D Council Annual Report.

Cover of annual report

8 Responses to 2014 Vitamin D Council Annual Report

  1. Yasir Mahmood

    May Allah bless you all members and volunteers

  2. Rita Celone Umile

    Running this type of nonprofit, an educational resource, is very difficult work in general and perhaps VDC succeeds due to an optimal ratio of lifetime members to annual members. What that golden number is I do not know. However I would continue to encourage strength thru collaborations. Until mainstream medicine is educated we are basically stagnant. I am typing on a phone so I aplogize for brevity and typos.

  3. Rita Celone Umile

    With only annual members there soon would be lack of funds. With only life time members (afterall how many of these can there realistically be) we are preaching to the choir.

  4. Rita Celone Umile

    Is VDC losing transient Membership OR members who have been here a while? Is VDC more interested in retention or attraction? The community is small enough for a personal touch to be applied. Do you undrestand the needs of the membership? Do you respond to these needs? Also did any of the annual members transition to lifetime members. If so how many. Again I apologize for typos I am on an iPhone.

  5. Amber Tovey


    We are constantly striving to improve memberships and satisfy members. The best way is to gauge feedback from our members such as yourself. So, please always feel free to tell us what you are hoping to see from the VDC. This goes for everyone.

    Yasir and Rita, thank you for the constant support!

  6. Rita Celone Umile

    Amber–Dr. Cannell consistently hires excellent staff. I’ve always experienced VDC staff to be courteous, open, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  7. Magic

    I am 100% sold on D3. Who cannot be?. Pick out what ails you and check here to find out how vitamin D3 might help. Just tonight I talked to a neighbor who is 88 years old, walks every day, is in terrific shape…BUT yesterday she told me that she had a terrific cold. She had been taking 2000 international units a day. Her doctor told her that was enough.. I told her that my wife developed a bad cough in a hospital stay recently and two 5000 pills “cured” it….Today the neighbor’s cold wasn’t any better but she wasn’t going to go against her doctor so she stays miserable.

    Rita and I go up against this every day…

    I take 6 health letters that parrott what is said here. I follow http://www.vitamindservice.com Since September they have had nearly 300,000 visits in a small town in Germany.. It appears that Dr Grant may have had something to do with getting them started. Question?? Are they making money?? If they are. do what they are doing. I am fascinated by the numbers that they are posting,

    It is totally mind blowing that we have NOT grown any members the past year. Assuming we lost some and gained a few. These letters I take are from successful physicians who retired from their practices to do better, obviously not to make more money.

    Time Magazine this week has a picture of a baby on the cover. Says this baby could live 142 years if the shot given mice works as well on humans. I believe people are programmed that they will die at 79 and don’t worry about it until they are. This must be changed.

    We need a SIZZLE….!!!!!

  8. Rita Celone Umile

    Philosophically speaking, I suppose the ultimate goal of an educational nonprofit is to spread so much knowledge that the need for the educational nonprofit becomes obsolete.

    We aren’t there yet. πŸ™

    And though there certainly are many folks out in cyberspace chatting up vitamin D, it’s dubious to me if random cyberspace chatter can be trusted.

    After all, who in mainstream medicine would trust an avatar?

    In my opinion, until we each can find a vitamin D knowledgeable primary care physician in our home town, and without much difficulty, I would say we haven’t met at least one of our goals as an educational nonprofit on vitamin D–be it an explicit or implicit goal.

    It saddens me that our membership is down.

    We are small enough to care and to ask why.

    Thank you for allowing me to post here.

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