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2014: Looking ahead to all the vitamin D events and conferences

Posted on: January 1, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


First off, the Vitamin D Council would like to wish everyone a happy New Year!

This blog provides an overview of vitamin D events happening in 2014. Most of them are aimed at health professionals and researchers. Please have a look and see if you might be interested in attending any.

The 3rd International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Clinical Implications

Date: March 21st and 22nd

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Aimed for: Healthcare professionals

First up is the 3rd International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Clinical Implications, set to take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This conference is mainly for healthcare professionals and hopes to identify effective methods to recognize and treat vitamin D deficiency. The event will focus on specific topics including reasons for high global rates of vitamin D deficiency and the role vitamin D plays in certain conditions such as breast cancer and diabetes.

Health professionals attending the conference will hear from major researchers in the field of vitamin D including Dr. Reinhold Vieth and Dr. Afrozul Haq.

The cost to attend the conference is 750 AED, if you register by February 15th.

For more information on the conference and to register, visit http://www.ifcc.org/media/242692/VitaminD-Conference-2014_-PreDesign%5B2%5D.pdf

Vitamin D and Human Health: From the Gamete to the Grave

Date: April 23rd-25th

Location: London, United Kingdom

Aimed for: Clinical researchers, epidemiologists, healthcare professionals, public health officials

This new conference for vitamin D has been organized by Queen Mary University and is set to take place in London.

The conference is designed for clinical researchers, epidemiologists, clinicians and public health professionals. The organizers hope to connect people in these fields as well as educate them on the latest evidence for vitamin D on human health throughout life.

A wide array of speakers have been confirmed for the conference. These include Dr. Robert Heaney, Dr. Reinhold Veith, Dr. Carlos Camargo, and Dr. Edward Giovannucci. Additionally, featured presentations will include talks by anthropologist Nina Jablonski as well as Dr. Clifford Rosen who helped establish the United States’ guidelines for the intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Registration is 450 pounds and 175 pounds for students.

To learn more and to register, visit their website: http://www.qmul.ac.uk/vitamind/registration/index.html

Vitamin D, Sun and Human Health

Date: April 28th and 29th

Location: Oslo, Norway

Aimed for: Researchers, clinicians

The conference aims to bring together researchers and medical doctors to collaborate on future research, discuss, and exchange new ideas on vitamin D. Topics will include vitamin D deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and various health benefits of adequate vitamin D levels.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Michael Holick, Dr. William Grant, Dr. Reinhold Vieth, and Dr. Johan Moan.

A special edition of the journal Dermato-Endocrinology will feature papers from abstracts and topics from this conference. The organizers are inviting all attendees to submit an original abstract for publication in this special edition.

For more information on the conference and how to register visit the conference website: http://oslo2014.d-vit.eu/

The 5th International Symposium on Vitamin D and Analogs in Cancer Prevention and Therapy

Date: May 2nd and 3rd

Location: Krefeld, Germany

Aimed for: Researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies

The International Symposium on Vitamin D and Analogs in Cancer Prevention and Therapy is set to take place in Krefeld, Germany this year.

This symposium is designed for scientists and clinicians and will help provide insight into the latest developments in vitamin D and vitamin D analog research and how they relate to cancer. The meeting will cover topics like molecular biology of vitamin D, the vitamin D endocrine system in cancer, the epidemiology of vitamin D and cancer prevention, and the antitumor effects of vitamin D analogs.

The symposium will be led by researchers Michael Friedrich, Jörg Reichrath, and Thomas Vogt.

Registration is 250 Euro per participant (if registered before February 1, 2014) and 75 Euro for students.

To learn more and to register for the event visit: https://www.medical-communications.de/en/veranstaltungen/veranstaltungsdetail.html?tx_cseventmanager_pi1%5btest%5d=test&tx_cseventmanager_pi1%5bpointer%5d=0&tx_cseventmanager_pi1%5bsort%5d=date_from%3A0&tx_cseventmanager_pi1%5bshowUid%5d=3034

The Vitamin D Workshop

Date: June 17th-20th

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Aimed for: Researchers, including chemists, biochemists, physiologists, endocrinologists, and clinicians

The biggest event is the 17th annual Vitamin D Workshop is set to take place in Chicago, Illinois, this year.

The workshop is designed to accommodate those in a variety of professions including chemists, biochemists, physiologists, endocrinologists, and clinicians.

This workshop will include discussions on new developments and exciting research in basic, clinical and translational research regarding vitamin D. Topics will include vitamin D and bone and calcium homeostasis, immune responses, cancer and energy metabolism.

The workshop will also focus on public health aspects of vitamin D. Topics in public health will include UV exposure, dietary requirements and fortification and epidemiological analyses.

Confirmed presenters include Dr. Hector DeLuca, Dr. JoEllen Welsh and Dr. JoAnn Manson, among others.

Registration and abstract submission is expected to open in January, but until then you can find more information on the workshop here: http://vitamind.ucr.edu/workshop/


Date: June 21st-24th

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Aimed for: Endocrinologists, researchers, clinicians

Immediately following the Vitamin D Workshop is ICE/ENDO 2014, the annual Endocrine Society meeting. While the conference and exposition do not focus on vitamin D specifically, the four day expo and conference usually has several lectures and workshops on vitamin D, poster abstracts on vitamin D, and plenty of endocrinologists interested in vitamin D.

To learn more about the event visit https://www.endocrine.org/endo-2014.


Did we miss any events? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to add to the list.

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