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Many of you have written asking where you might hear me speak.  It is with profound pleasure that I announce that I have been asked to speak at the 92nd annual meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The meeting will be held in June in San Diego and the schedule of talks should excite anyone interested in science.

I am honored to give a free noontime talk on June 14th about vitamin D in general and the next day conduct a four-hour workshop covering autism, influenza, athletic performance, and new discoveries. The workshop requires registration but the cost of the AAAS conference is reasonable ($105.00).

If enough readers register, we might have the Vitamin D Council’s first public meeting one of the days. Please don’t forget to join and become a member of the Vitamin D Council; we are trying to budget our future projects and need to be able to estimate our future income.

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